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Capture and record anything you can hear or see on your PC. It does not matter if the video you
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13 December 2015

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While surfing through the web we often come across some striking and utterly pleasing music tracks that we may wish to add in to our playlist. But just because of unavailability of a proper recording tool this wish often gets thrashed leaving you in a state of frustration. Now, you won't get frustrated anymore, as 1AVCapture is there to help you through. This amazing utility assists you to record audio and video from any source such as TV Tuner, PC, webcam, media players, websites, games, etc, and enjoy it whenever you wish. It provides you with high quality audio and video output file that you can be saved with MP3, WMA, AVI, WMV, or WAV formats. In addition, it also integrates a live real-time video streaming function that facilitates you in broadcasting your desktop or webcam with high resolution over your own website.

With the help of 1AVCapture you can easily capture and store your favorite audios and videos from different sources. While you begin to use the application, it would first display the List of Record Profiles. By selecting a by profile you can record PC screen/region into video without audio, audio from microphone, video from websites and media players, audios you hear, audio from devices, and capture audio and video from USB Device. You can even broadcast audio/video from your PC screen, webcam, USB device, and along with it also lets you capture screenshots and webcam snapshots in JPG format. Selecting a profile, you would be shown the main program screen with recording, storing, and other supportive options. Press the record button and it would begin capturing the window, region or full screen, as specified while hiding itself within system tray. You can get the output as audio, video, or image files of high quality that can be stored on PC or uploaded to FTP client.

Along with the aforementioned features, 1AVCapture application also presents customizable program configurations, record wizard, event logs, preview screen, hide and lock, backup, restore, and various other supporting functions. The tool comprises of an effective toolset, remarkable performance and coupled with high quality output earns it a score of 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Capture and record anything you can hear or see on your PC. It does not matter if the video you want to capture comes from your webcam, the PC desktop, from your TV tuner, or from inside websites or media players. 1AVCapture also records audio from any source including streaming audio, CDs, audio from DVDs, games, and voice. 1AVCapture supports any external device you can plug into your PC. 1AVCapture is the ultimate audio video capture solution!
1AVCapture gives you the power to capture and record high quality video and CD-quality audio from any available source. You can save your files directly into JPG, AVI, WMV, WAV, MP3, or WMA formats. While some programs limit your options, 1AVCapture lets you work with broadcast streams, Internet media files, TV tuners, webcams, VCRs, microphones, CDs, line-in and aux input, YouTube videos, Windows Media Player, external audio and video devices, and any music or movie that appears in a browser window.
The program is designed to work with the highest quality audio and video files. 1AVCapture supports the full range of CODECs available on the PC, as well as the industry-standard formats that are used to capture and record top-quality music and movies. In addition to producing the highest quality multimedia files, the program also supports Windows Media Encoder Technology (WMA and WMV files), enabling you to produce small files designed for the Internet and for portable devices.
1AVCapture also comes with a live real-time video streaming feature. With one click you will be broadcasting your webcam or desktop with audio in high resolution over the web in a customized webpage inside your own website. It is all automatic and very easy to setup.
1AVCapture is the ultimate audio video capture solution.
Version 1.9.8
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Very easy to use and very convenient to have at your disposal. I use it all the time to save account information, etcetera, when registering anything online. A great reference tool.
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